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Venetian Plastering in Orlando

More and more people in the Orlando area are catching onto the classic look of Venetian plastering. This limestone and marble based mixture of putty and water gives ceilings and walls the coveted look of three-dimensional, natural stone.

When property owners want their Venetian plaster perfectly applied to their walls, there is only one name they trust—and that is Maverick Plastering LLC. Experts in all manner of application techniques, we can give you elegantly plastered walls with the depth and texture you desire.

For competitively priced textured ceilings and walls, contact Maverick Plastering LLC at your convenience.

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Plaster Application Made Simple

Venetian plaster installation is not as simple as traditional plaster application. To achieve the desired depth of marble plastering, you need to work with skilled plaster contractors such as ourselves. While some Venetian plaster might be acrylic-based, the high-end and most beloved plastering is lime and marble-based. As many homeowners might know, lime is quite strong. Without a proper primer between your walls and the lime putty plaster, the lime will likely eat away the walls.

Thankfully, we know how to apply lime plaster to walls in an efficient manner. Using the best tools and relying on years of experience, we can give your home the Tuscan look you have long desired.

Customize Your Lime Plaster

Are you looking to introduce earthier tones to your home? With Venetian plaster, you don’t need to settle for the off-white tones. During the mixing process, we can introduce whatever ochers or pigments you request. Would you like your walls to have a beige hue? Or how about something a little darker? With us, the choice is always yours.

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Passionate Venetian Plaster Contractors

While there might be many contractors who know how to apply traditional plaster, it takes a true artisan to apply Italian stucco to the walls and ceilings of a household. Our pursuit for perfection in plaster application stems from our sheer passion. Our love for this timeless Italian stucco makes us the best Venetian plaster contractors for the job.

Plaster That Lasts a Lifetime

Venetian plaster has been known to last for generations without showing any signs of wear and tear. The sheer lifespan of this decorative stucco is reason enough to invest in our services.

Reap the Benefits of Venetian Plaster Today

Everyone knows about the amazing aesthetic qualities of Venetian plastering. With marble plastering such as this, you can transform your home into a rustic, centuries-old villa. That said, this luxurious plastering provides more than just cosmetic benefits. Limestone and marble-based plastic absorbs CO2, regulates humidity, protects you from mildew, and so much more. What could be better than weather-resistant, low-maintenance wall-to-wall surfaces?

Keep your home healthy and attractive. Reap the benefits of Venetian plastering by calling us at (727) 212-7345 today. We can’t wait to work with you.