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Venetian Plastering in Sarasota

If you are looking for a reputable Venetian plastering company in the Sarasota area, look no further than Maverick Plastering LLC. Specializing in the application, repair, and restoration of Venetian plaster, also known as lime plaster, we make quick and easy work of this delicate process.

Whether you’re looking for textured Italian stucco ceilings or wall-to-wall Tuscan-style plaster, we can help you. We have the experience, equipment, and passion needed to apply this celebrated plaster to perfection.

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Expert Venetian Plaster Repairs

Homeowners with a taste for rustic touches know all about Venetian plaster. This European style of plaster has been celebrated for centuries upon centuries, and it is easy to see why. The subtle depth and texture create an almost iridescent finish that plays off natural light wonderfully.

Despite the fact that Venetian plaster is little different from limestone itself, it is not immune to minor cracks and fractures. Over time, some plaster jobs might begin to crack as a result of:

  • Shifting walls
  • External vibrations
  • Improper installation

Rest assured, we have the skills and the equipment to repair these Venetian plaster cracks with ease.

Venetian Plaster Crack Repair

Our approach to the Venetian plaster crack repair depends entirely on the type of crack or fracture itself. The most common types of cracks are:

  • Hairline crack
  • Trim crack
  • Spider crack

Rather than simply papering over cracks or applying conventional plaster over damaged areas, we prefer to restore the plaster so there is no sign of damage. Relying on a new plaster mixture, we will fill the cracks and resurface them until the area looks as authentic as before.

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Plastering Services and Excellent Customer Service

We know why first-time clients contact us. They contact us because they have seen our work in other people’s homes and they want to introduce this elegant stucco to their own home. Without fail, we always manage to give them the results they desire—while also providing them with so much more.

We pride ourselves on our approach to customer service. From the first phone call to the final stages of the plaster application, we promise to treat you to a customer experience like no other. Whether you’re curious about unique plaster pigments or the cost to plaster the ceiling of your homes, we will gladly take the time to inform you. We address all of our clients' concerns and we answer every question.

Embrace the Venetian Traditions Today

Out of all the high-end wall finishes, none are as long-lasting and rustic as lime plastering. This product gives homes an earthy and traditional feel. With proper care and installation, you and your loved ones can reap the benefits of this wall finish for generations to come.

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