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Venetian Plastering in Tampa

Add some character to your walls or ceiling with a Venetian plaster finish from Maverick Plastering LLC. This ancient technique has been seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years and is a great way of giving your property an air of elegance. Our artisan plaster services are designed to mimic the appearance of luxurious natural stone surfaces without the need for hauling and installing large, heavy slabs of marble or limestone. Continue reading or contact us today at (727) 212-7345 for more information on our Venetian plaster walls.

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Skilled Venetian Plaster Contractors

Our team of dedicated plasterers has been providing phenomenal work for many years now. As leaders in our industry, we are equipped to perfectly apply a variety of Venetian plaster finishes to your home or business. Whether you have a particular style in mind or not, you can count on us to help you create a beautiful addition to your property that can last a lifetime.

Some of the finishes that we are pleased to offer are:

  • Grassello
  • Marmorino plaster
    • Marmorino Bolina
    • Marmorino Piatto
    • Marmorino Rasatura
  • Mezzo
  • Milano metallic plaster

We can achieve up to a 6,000 level finish with our Venetian plastering services, which means you are always guaranteed immaculate results no matter which option you choose.

Venetian Plaster Installation Process

Venetian plaster lasts a very long time when it’s applied correctly. After many years of installing Venetian plaster, we’re always careful to abide by the traditional techniques embraced for centuries. Because this method of plastering is so old, over time, the techniques have been refined to perfection. We adhere to tradition because it helps us achieve the best results possible.

Here is a step-by-step look at how we install our time-tested Venetian plaster.

Step 1: Primer

The primer coat is as important as the plaster coating. It’s essential to mix the primer correctly to obtain proper support for the plaster as it will eventually flake off unless it has a properly mixed and applied primer coating. The primer must be diluted with distilled water and carefully blended to provide long-lasting hold. We’ll roll it onto the wall, creating the base for the traditional Venetian plaster look.

Step 2: Color mixing

The color preparation is a critical stage. A simple and practical color mixing strategy allows for a wide range of colors and shades. Before the colorant is added, we’ll mix the plaster until it reaches an even consistency. We then add the colorant additive and mix it until it reaches a perfectly uniform thickness. The color mixing process takes roughly 10 minutes to get the perfect texture and shade.

Step 3: Wait

Great results take time. At this point, we must let the primer and plaster sit for 12 hours before the application can begin.

Step 4: Tools

Using the right tools is the key to attaining an excellent result. We’re careful to keep the correct plastering trowels and spatulas on hand so that the first coat, all subsequent coats, and the polishing all goes according to plan.

Step 5: First coat application

The first coat is uncolored and must be applied uniformly to provide the perfect foundation for subsequent coats. We use the spatula at a consistent 15-degree angle to ensure the subsequent coats go on properly. Once the layer is perfectly applied and we remove all excess material, we must wait for 10 hours for it to dry and apply the next coat.

Step 6: Second coat application.

This coat will be applied with the spatula at a steeper 30-degree angle to achieve a flat surface for the third coat. The second coat takes the same amount of time to dry out as the first.

Step 7: Third coat

With an even steeper, forty-five-degree angle, we’ll apply the third coat of colored plaster. The third coat is responsible for much of the visual texture Venetian plaster is lauded for. The plaster is applied slightly unevenly to achieve an authentically rustic appearance, in contrast to the uniform prior layers.

Step 8: Polishing.

About 10 minutes after the third coat is applied, we’ll polish the plaster with the same spatula used for the third coat and apply decisive pressure to smooth it out, leaving a gorgeously patterned surface.

Step 9: Wax application.

Forty-eight hours after the third coat is applied, we apply a coat of wax with a soft sponge. We’ll apply the wax no more than one square meter at a time until it’s completely absorbed by the surface. Once complete, we’ll polish the wax with a non-woven cloth until it acquires the desired sheen. The wax coating protects the plaster from dirt and dust, ensuring it lasts according to its reputation.

This is the traditional way of applying Venetian plaster. It has been done this way for many centuries, and we continue to do it this way because it yields the results our clients want. Maverick Plastering LLC is the team to call for traditionally applied Venetian plaster.

We Can Help You Find the Perfect Venetian Texture

If you have decided to update your walls but don’t know where to begin, we would be happy to help guide you through the process. Our master plasterers have a history of great work and have developed a keen sense of what finishes will work in any space. If you would like to get started on the planning process for your gorgeous new walls, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a consultation and get a free estimate.

Wall Finishing That’s Guaranteed to Last

Venetian plaster falls into a category called “lifetime” finishes. It is a wall and ceiling finishing method that is guaranteed to last for many, many years. Our expertly applied Venetian plaster continues to harden over time and is less likely to crack or shrink than some other types of finishes. If you are looking for a long-lasting investment in your property that will require little to no maintenance, look no further than our amazing Venetian plastering.

Venetian Tile for Your Business

As a business owner, you know just how important it is to develop and maintain a great reputation. No matter the quality of the services you offer, potential clients and business partners will judge your business practice on the appearance of your property.

When you’re looking to put your best foot forward, adding a little something extra could go a long way. Our team has installed Venetian tile in dozens of businesses in Tampa and the surrounding area. We know the sensitivity of working on business properties, and we will do what we can to respect your schedule and complete the installation as quickly as possible.

Invest in Your Property with Venetian Tile

When you’re looking to increase the overall value of your property, you want to choose a building material that improves both appearance and lifespan. Venetian tile is known for its durability and can make any area look more elegant and stylistic. Not only will installing Venetian tile allow you to enjoy your home or business space more, but it will also increase your property's market value.

If you are looking to sell your property in the near future, adding Venetian tile is a great way to stand apart from the competition in this competitive real estate market. Buyers will be impressed by your attention to detail and will be equally pleased by the level of quality of the installation.

Get Inspired by Our Venetian Plastering

If you would like to take a look at some of the work we have provided in the past, we invite you to head over to the gallery page on our website. Here you will find photos of our past projects, which will showcase the dedication we have to our craft. We put our full care and attention into every plastering project and are not satisfied until we are convinced that we have provided our best work.

Fast and Reliable Venetian Tile Installation

Our team has years of extensive experience installing Venetian tiles on unique properties of all kinds. We will use nothing but the utmost care and respect when working on your property. Working carefully and efficiently allows us to maximize the overall quality of the installation, leaving you with a seamless result you’ll be excited to show off.

Our team understands that having a couple of contractors on your property for an extended period isn’t ideal. Still, we will go above and beyond to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, from providing friendly explanations and cleaning up after ourselves.

Most Venetian tile installations can be completed in under a day, but for a more detailed timeline, we invite you to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

Comprehensive Venetian Tile Repairs

Cracked, dented, or otherwise damaged tiling can be a real eyesore. If you require Venetian tile repair, Maverick Plastering LLC is happy to be at your service. We will take the time to carefully survey the issue at hand and provide you seamless maintenance that doesn’t leave a trace!

Great Rates on Venetian Tile Services

Our team only installs quality products, but quality materials don’t have to be expensive. We would be more than happy to introduce you to tile options that suit any budget without sacrificing value.

If you are interested in learning just how much your Venetian tile installation or repair will cost you, we invite you to get in touch with our expert team. We will schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience, crunch some numbers and give you a quote.

Start Planning Your Venetian Plastering Project

The contractors here at Maverick Plastering LLC love to show what they can do and treat every Venetian plastering project as an opportunity to create something special. If you are looking to liven up your walls, our high-quality work is guaranteed to do the trick. Phone us today at (727) 212-7345 for more details and a free estimate.